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The materials below is a copy of the public lecture announcement that I gave in California (mostly Santa Cruz, California, during 1988).

THE CHRYSOPYLAE LECTURES: “The Call of Spiritual Nobility”

By Stephen Lapeyrouse
will address the following themes:

• The Deepest Responsibility of Our Time: The Second Adam and the New Eve

• Towards the Redemption of Matter: the Spiritual History of Atomism, From Zarathustra to the Jomado del Muerto

• Einstein’s Call for Metanoia: The Necessity for a Spiritual Science of Nature

• “Back to Nature”: a Fallen Conception of Paradise?

• The Influence of Zarathustran Wisdom and the philosophia perennis, on the Fundamental Ideas of Western Man

• Can Woman’s Soul Help Save us from Man’s Scientia?

• The Search for Sophia, the Captive “Third Rome” of Moscow, and the Unsolved Mystery of the Palladium

• From Sumeria to Berkeley: “Westward the Course of Empire...”

• The Golden Gate and Vladivostok’s Zolotoy Rog: West-East Reflections of Constantinople on “the Mediterranean of the Future”

• American Individuality and Mind, Russian Community and Soul: The Potent Alchemy of National Characteristics

• California’s Spirituality: Fantasy and Clarity: Her World Responsibility toward the Reenlightenment

• Evil, Matter, Suffering and Death, and Related Unpopular Necessities

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi: the United States of America too shall pass away

• Facts and Speculations on the Road to New Jerusalem

These and related subjects will be considered in the course of a series of public lectures to be held in Santa Cruz and Northern California during Fall 1988 by Stephen L. Lapeyrouse, an independent scholar and historian. They are intended for serious individuals who are interested in these topics.

Lecture topics, dates, times and locations will be announced in local Santa Cruz weeklies’ “Calendar” sections and on public notice boards. Admission is free; contributions will be appreciated. Further information made be had by writing to the below address.


(“Chrysopylae” – is the original Greek name for the “Golden Gate”.)