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American Mind and Russian Soul, American Individuality and Russian Community,
and the Potent Alchemy of National Characteristics

Towards the Spiritual Convergence of America and Russia

Published in Santa Cruz, California, 1990.

Number of pages: 168

ISBN: 0-9628048-0-0

In his book “Towards the Spiritual Convergence of America and Russia” an independent American scholar, philosopher and journalist Stephen Lapeyrouse explores spiritual connections between two countries on the example of such kindred philosophical movements as American Transcendentalism (R. W. Emerson, H. D. Thoreau) and Russian Slavophilism (I. Kireyevsky, A. Khomyakov).

“If my efforts in this work are adequate to the task, I wish to make substantial intellectual contributions towards a clear description of how essential and profound a spiritual, philosophical and psychological relation exists, between characteristic highest (“vertical”) conceptions and aspirations – and tasks – of Mankind in America and Russia. The hope is that such understanding could contribute, essentially, towards a clearer, creative, and mutually-beneficial spiritual orientation – in thoughtful and heartful individuals of both nationalities – which might lead to a more conscious spiritual meeting of “Russian” and “American”; and thereby, possibly, promote an alchemical blending of the American Mind and Russian Soul, American Individuality and Russian Community. Such a greater clarity towards a greater spiritual realization, and more complete wholeness, in some men and women of each country, and thereby, perhaps, in portions of Mankind as a whole.” – the Author

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Избранные эссе

Selected essays

В поисках «Американской мечты» – Избранные эссе

Published by “Buki Vedi” in Moscow, Russia, 2015.

Number of pages: 288

ISBN: 978-5-4465-0687-3

Собранные в этой книге эссе, впервые публикуемые на русском языке – попытка осмыслить фундаментальные духовные, исторические и культурные проблемы, стоявшие перед США и Россией на пороге третьего тысячелетия. Автор прослеживает историю возникновения «Американской мечты» и «Американского символа веры», размышляет об утраченном космосе американской культуры, рассматривает американскую историю и цивилизацию с точки зрения «Вечной философии», исследует культурный феномен «Американской улыбки», сравнивает американский и русский национальные характеры, напоминает о необходимости серьезного изучения мировой истории и культуры, призывает к духовному возрождению и избавлению от духовного сна, пишет о реакции американцев на трагедию 11 сентября. Размышления и выводы автора основаны на глубоких исторических, философских и культурологических исследованиях, а также на его личном жизненном опыте.

The essays selected for this book and published in Russian for the first time are an attempt to comprehend fundamental spiritual, historical and cultural problems of the USA and Russia on the threshold of the third millennium. The author traces the history of “American Dream” and “American Creed”, ponders “the lost cosmos of American culture”, considers American history and civilization from the point of the “perennial philosophy”, explores the cultural phenomenon of the “American Smile”, compares American and Russian national characters, reminds of how necessary it is to study world history and culture seriously, calling for an intellectual-spiritual revival and the overcoming of “spiritual sleep”, also writing of the Americans’ reaction to September 11, 2001. The author’s reflections and conclusions are based on deep historical, philosophical and cultural studies and on his own life experience.

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